The Walker Family Foundation


History and Background

On August 15, 1990, the Walker Family Foundation, Inc., was organized when members of the Walker family who had been associated with a family-owned business made the initial capital contributions to establish the trust. Since its inception, additional contributions have been made by family members as well as friends and employees of the company.


The Mission of the Walker Family Foundation

The Walker Family Foundation seeks to provide grants to support and enhance activities and programs that benefit the long-term growth and well being of the greater Indianapolis community and/or are of special interest and concern to the family.

Directors of the Walker Family Foundation are:

The officers of the Walker Family Foundation are:

The Walker Family Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization. The organization operates on a fiscal year that ends each June 30.


Walker Family Foundation Grants

Qualified organizations may make requests for grants up to $5,000, which meet the goals and objectives of the foundation's mission. Requests may be submitted in letter format or as a letter with an attachment. They should include general information about the requesting organization, its history, location, contact information, officers and staff (volunteers and paid), as well as identification of a specific individual contact. A copy of the organization’s IRS 501(c)3 approved letter should also be included. The specific purpose of the activity or program involved with the grant request should be described in summary format (one or two paragraphs) along with sufficient information for the Walker Family Foundation to make a judgment as to the possible outcomes and benefits of the program or activity. Grant requests should be submitted to:

Frank D. Walker, President,
Walker Family Foundation, Inc.
301 Pennsylvania Parkway, #400
Indianapolis, IN 46280
Fax Number: 317-843-8904

The Walker Family Foundation makes grants only to groups qualified as 501(c)3 organizations by the Internal Revenue Service. Grants to individuals, grants for sectarian purposes, or programs that promote religious doctrine and/or political campaigns will not be considered.